Dear New Patient,

Welcome and thank you for choosing Albany Urology Clinic (AUC) & Urology Surgery Center (USC) of Albany for your urologic care. We know that a healthy body is something many take for granted until illness, injury or the normal aging process threatens to take it all away. Your trust in our knowledge and expertise is very important to us, and we promise not to take that for granted. Our commitment is to provide you with an accurate assessment and evaluation coupled with immediate, early intervention and the best possible medical care in a compassionate and caring manner. At AUC & USC, we offer a full range of urologic services to help relieve pain and or restore your lifestyle.

AUC & USC is independently owned. Our office hours are 8am – 5pm Monday thru Thursday and 8am – afternoon on Fridays. Our office phone number is 229-883-1503. In the event of an emergency outside of our normal business hours patients may call our answering service at the same number above and the service will contact the physician on call. Please know that pain medication will not be called in after normal business hours or weekends. If you have an emergency, please go to the nearest emergency room. 

We believe that good care for you and your family starts with good communication, and we have created policy to help our patients understand the responsibilities that they and their families have for payment of our fees. 

We require that our patients promptly pay all charges that we present to them. In some cases, our fees may be adjusted, based on whether we participate in or accept insurance or government program payments, allowances, or limitations. But, if we present a charge to you, it means that we have taken any such adjustment into account and that you must still pay the amount remaining. 

Payment for our services is due at the time that those services are provided to you, and we expect that all charges we present to you at visit will be paid at the time of the visit. This includes, copay amounts, deductibles, earlier charges that remain unpaid, and charges for services that we believe are not covered by, or are left over as your responsibility to pay after coverage by, insurance or government programs. 

Again, thank you for your trust in AUC &USC, we look forward to serving you. 

Michael Dukes, Administrator


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